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Artsy wedding cakes for the win!

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world! ❤ I have made tons of smaller cakes for intimate elopments plus larger and tiered cakes for traditional weddings....I loooove fun themes and absolutley love creating  non tradittional whimsical and vintage type cakes...but whatever you choose is up to you, just tell me your vision and I'll bring it to life ;)

Pricing for mini cakes starts at $60, Heart cakes start at $80 with the final price determined by design and complexity. Tiered cakes start at $300 with various sizes me to discuss options ❤

Heart and mini cakes are a popular choice for Elopments and smaller gatherings, choose from either a 6 or 10 inch heart or a 4 inch mini cake for you and your partner to share ❤

Groom's Cake
2 Tier cake
3 tier vintage style
Vintage Cake topper
2 Tier cake
Custom Cake w/ matching cupcakes
6 inch Elegant
9 inch Beauty
For a Taco bell themed elopment
4 the stoner couples ;)
A small 3 tier floral cake from the Rose Petal Bakeshop
4 inch cake
4 inch floral abstract
4 inch cake
4 inch mini cake
3 tiers but make them seperate ;)
For the gamer couples :)
Fresh Flower toppers
custom 3 Tier cake

More Elopment & Wedding Cakes

Cake Tasting Kits


These kits are perfect for creating a cake for your special day ;) choose up to 6 different cake/frosting flavors as well as fillings, have fun mixing and matching them, then let me know what you come up with ❤

$75 per kit and balance goes towards cake order of $300 or more

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